Pointable provides the foundation for LLM-native products.

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Create controllable, stable agents
Bitdriver is our in-house agent architect framework. To create an agent, define a set of goals and constraints. Next, choose from our library of prebuilt agentic tools or create custom ones tailored to your agent's needs. Bitdriver handles the rest, automatically generating and optimizing stable, simulation-tested agents.
Get state-of-the-art retrieval quality
Stardriver finds retrieval pipelines that are optimal for your specific data from among 10M+ possible pipeline configurations. This is all made possible by our pure-Rust retrieval engine (Starpoint) and bare-metal compute infrastructure. Stardriver ensures state-of-the-art retrieval results repeatably and reliably.
Run agent-written code safely and reliably
Waterbear is our hardened Javascript runtime, implemented in Rust, optimized to enable agents to evaluate code. We've designed it from the ground-up to run code written by Language Models—even stack-traces have been optimized for maximum compatibility.
Secure and enterprise ready
All of our services are written in defensive, high performance Rust. We rigorously follow best practice around security, monitoring, and scalability for our infrastructure. Our full system can be fully managed in our environment or easily deployed on any major cloud provider.
Use cases
Knowledge bases
Boost productivity and supercharge your internal experts by connecting your internal documentation and knowledge to a conversational interface. Raw data sources include technical manuals, support documentation, solved issues/cases, or expert research reports.
Process automation
Resolve issues faster by generating accurate responses or surfacing supporting information to a human expert. Drive automations by extracting structure from unstructured data. LLM-based automation can improve response times, documentation quality, and costs for high-value processes or repetitive tasks.
Customer-facing chat
Build specialized chat interfaces customers can use to gather information about product features, get support information, and stay engaged with you. The chat systems you develop will be grounded in your documentation for precise, up-to-date knowledge.
Task-oriented copilots provide a conversational interface to using software tools. Teams developing copilots can focus on business logic and product polish while leveraging Pointable's APIs to provide a robust natural language experience.
We are backed by top funds and many incredible individuals.
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